How did Bridging Hope start?
During the last days of the Viet Nam War, Sr. Sen was separated from her mother, her only living relative. After discovering that her mother had safely fled the country, Sr. Sen also escaped to be reunited with her. Yet, living comfortably in America did not cloud the images of her people suffering the effects of war and poverty. On her first trip back to Viet Nam in 1990, she witnessed children living on the streets, begging for food, and young women forced into prostitution simply to survive. Consequently, she founded Provide-N-Ce, a gift shop and gallery of handicrafts and art from Viet Nam. It was her first effort to raise funds for the sustenance, employment, and education of such women and children. Eventually her desire to help these marginalized people led her to found Bridging Hope, a nonprofit that has enabled her to expand her assistance to the victims of poverty and of diseases like polio and HIV/AIDS.
How does Bridging Hope make a difference?
  • Raises funds for specific charitable programs.
  • Fosters awareness of the unjust living conditions of women and children.
  • Raises awareness about the vitality and richness of Vietnamese arts and culture.
Board Members
  • Luong Ha, Board President, Technical Services Manager, Regional Transportation District, Denver, CO
  • Mike Tuzzeo, Treasure, Engineering Manager, Raytheon Co. (Retired),
    Owner, K&T Tax and Accounting Services, LLC
  • Betsy Daniel, Secretary, Retired Geologist
  • Pat McGuan, Board Member, Manufacturing Engineer, Ball Aerospace
  • Patrick Leccardello, Board Member
  • Ethan Brady, Board Member
  • Sen Nguyen, OSF, Founder and Executive Director
Legal Counsels
  • Zeke Williams, Lewis, Bess, Williams & Weese
  • Chuong Le, The Law Group
  • Minh Nguyen, Volunteer, Leader of the Vietnamese Catholic Youth Group, Denver, Colorado.
  • Linh Bui, Technology
  • Tam Nguyen, Book-Keeping
  • Chris Kitzmiller, Kitzmillermedia, Website
  • Hieu Pham, GTG Marketing, Website
Honorable Donors
  • Trang and Louis Hùng Trần
  • Ánh-Tuyết Nguyễn
  • Susan and Scott Johnson via Fidelity Charitable,
  • Hội Ân Nhân Dòng Chúa Cứu Thế
  • Mary Thuý & Lương Hạ
  • Xuân-Hương & Minh Quế
  • Bonnie Hartman & JP Sullivan
  • Tam-Interiors, LLC
  • Tiên Vũ & Don West
  • Thanh-Vân & Hùng Bill Phạm
  • Phuong-Ha Nguyen,
  • Lion Star, LLC
Bridging Hope is a Colorado nonprofit corporation that is exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to Bridging Hope are deductible under Section 170 of the Code.