“Bridge Building” Project 

Dear friends,

Bridging Hope continues to have a campaign of a “Bridge Builder” by  to help those in need for your help, especially the women and chidren in Viet Nam.  Take advantage of this Lent, we invite you to participate in a “Rice Bowl” Drive program.

  • Mai Tam Pgram:  Our first goal is to provide breakfasts through the year for 300 plus HIV/AIDS-affected children who are served by the Mai Tam Program in Viet Nam.   The request from MaiTam;s staff asked us to provide breakfasts for 303 children at the cost for each breakfast of 45 cents.  Since Lent is the Season of Almsgiving, would you be willing to participate by providing breakfast for a child at the Mai Tam Program.  Your Almsgiving could provide:
  •  10 breakfasts for $4.50
  • 100 breakfasts for $45.00?
  • 1000 breakfasts for $450.00?
  • A day of breakfast for 303 children at Mai Tam for $137.00

2.  Elder Program:  With only $1.00 a Bridge Builder can provide three meals and medical services for an elder in Phan Thiet.

  • A month of nutrition (90 meals) & medical services for $30.00?
  • 3 months of nutrition (270 meals) & medical services for $90.00?
  • 6 months of nutrition (540 meals) & medical services for $180.00?
  • 12 months of nutrition (1095 meals) & medical services for $365.00?

A “Bridge Builder” can also fund the following:  

  • Job skills, supplies, and educational programs for underprivileged women
  • Health programs for physically disadvantaged women
  • Tuition and supplies for underprivileged children in the MeKong Delta

Other ways a Bridge Builder can help:

Donate through Colorado Gives. Click here to make a donation.

Buy a re-loadable gift cards

re-loadable gift cards

Did you know?
You can secure Bridging Hope’s mission for the future by leaving a gift in your will.  Please contact us to get information about Bridging Hope’s Planned Giving Program.

Did you know?
Your donation to Bridging Hope may be matched by your company! Please check with your company’s Human Resources Department to see whether your gift can be matched.